CIIPS is a 100% volunteer driven organization. We are incredibly grateful to all of our volunteers who have shaped CIIPS into the organization it is today. 

We are looking for passionate volunteers who are willing to share their time and talent with us and will actively contribute in making CIIPS a leading independent information and privacy think tank in Canada. No matter your experience or interests, CIIPS has a space for you.

The following volunteer opportunities are currently available:

  • Board of Directors– We are currently accepting applications for the Secretary position.
  • Advisory Board– We are seeking seasoned professionals in the industry who can advise the Board of Directors on how best the organization can move forward.
  • Committee Volunteers– We are recruiting individuals who are passionate in Communications, Fundraising, or Governance.
  • Industry Experts– We are seeking experts who work in the Access to Information and Privacy fields and who wish to share their thoughts, opinions or articles. 
  • Guest Content Creators– We are looking for individuals who can contribute to a planned newsletter and social media channels.
  • Event Volunteers– We are interested in anyone with experience in community outreach or event planning.

All interested parties are asked to submit a volunteer intent form to