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CIIPS members are part of a community that is passionate about information rights and issues — both access to information and privacy. We are much more powerful when we combine to share our concerns, knowledge and solutions to the pressing problems that plague the “Information Society”.

Memberships are FREE while we are building the institute! Just send an email to darrellevans.ciips@gmail.com with your name and contact information, and let us know that you wish to become a member. If you like, let us know what your main interests and concerns are with regard to access and/or privacy. We’ll send you an acknowledgement and add your name to our members list.

By becoming a member, you:

  • Take a stand for our Charter rights to freedom of speech and expression,
  • Take a stand for your legislated rights of access to government information and privacy protection, and
  • Help us raise the profile of access and privacy issues in Canada, bring educational opportunities to the public, and develop solutions through research and information sharing.

2.     Share your time or expertise with us

3.     Help us move forward

  • Donate in support of our Educational Programs or Research Projects

Reach out to us at darrellevans.ciips@gmail.com and share how you’d like to get involved!