Tom Crean

Tom Crean’s family has been in the funeral profession for over a century. He is president of Heritage Gardens Cemetery, which he founded in 2015 with his son Trevor. Prior to that, he was president of his family’s third-generation funeral home, Kearney Funeral Services since 1978.

Tom is the author of It’s Your Funeral, an expose’ of the inner workings of the $20 Billion funeral services industry in Canada and the United States.

In addition to volunteer work in groups serving his business sector, Tom has served as a board member of key organizations involved in public education, civil liberties, and freedom of information. Tom is a board Member of the B.C. Association for Media Education, the Family Association for Media Education and the Canadian Institute for Information and Privacy Studies. He is a past president of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and was a board member of the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA) for 23 years.

Tom currently serves on the Board of Governors of Catholic Pacific College. He is also President of the Family Funeralhome Association, President of the Surrey Hospice Society, and Vice President of the Partners in Care Alliance — an association providing education and advocacy to caregivers involved with end of life care).